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Study Abroad and NSE Checklist

Applying and preparing yourself for a Study Abroad or NSE program can be complex and sometimes confusing.  However, if you follow this checklist carefully, you will be well prepared.

Print your own copy of the Study Abroad Checklist

  1. Create an account online from the AAMU International Programs website.
  2. Explore program options (use clickable map and/or Advanced Search button).
  3. Make an appointment to speak with the International Programs Office about your interest in Study Abroad and/or National Student Exchange.
  4. Identify courses offered on several programs and see which program will offer you the best options for fulfilling your academic requirements at AAMU.
  5. Obtain a Graduation Checklist for your Major at AAMU.
  6. Print out course syllabi from Program and/or Host University website.
  7. Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to review and approve courses at the potential Host University.  Take a copy of the Course Approval Form along with course syllabi to this appointment.  Be sure to get alternate courses approved in case your first choice courses are not offered or available to you when you arrive at your Host University.
  8. Obtain an estimated cost for the Program Fees and personal expenses for your chosen program.
  9. Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor to review your eligibility for Financial Aid and discuss program Budget Worksheet.  If you are eligible for the Pell Grant, then be sure to apply for the Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship.
  10. Complete the Study Abroad or NSE Approval online from your AAMU International Programs account.
  11. Once you have been notified by email that you are eligible to Study Abroad and have been approved by AAMU, then you will see “Enrollment” forms in your online account that must be completed ASAP.
  12. Be sure to complete application and enrollment forms with the Program Sponsor or Host University.
  13. If you do not already have one, or it may be expiring within the next year, You must apply for a Passport.  Do not leave this to the last minute!
  14. Make flight arrangements to your Host Country.
  15. Check with your Program Sponsor and/or Host University to see if you are required to obtain an Entry Visa for your Host Country.  If yes, follow procedures carefully and get your Entry Visa as soon as possible.  Do not leave this to the last minute!
  16. Pay all Program and travel expenses.
  17. Spend some time learning more about your Host Country (location, language, customs, weather, culture, history, university, etc.).  The more you know before you go, the better your experience will be.

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