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Understanding the Basics
about Study Abroad at Alabama A&M

AAMU is committed to supporting students participating in relevant and meaningful international academic endeavors.  It is appropriate that students from every academic major participate in a relevant international experience that will enhance the student’s academic goals.

Study Abroad is first and foremost an ACADEMIC experience.  Studying Abroad provides students with much more than an international tourist experience, and thus, requires an appropriate level of academic effort by the student.

Because there are so many various Study Abroad options available to college students, it is our goal to assist students in finding a program that is relevant to the students’ individual academic goals and appropriate to the students’ individual characteristics.  For example: one program in Spain may be more relevant for a Spanish Language major, while another program may be more relevant for a history of political science, or business major.  One program in France may be more appropriate for a very independent, gregarious, urban, mature student, while another may be more appropriate for a student wanting to learn independence and intercultural interaction skills.

AAMU students interested in Studying Abroad at some point during your college career should:

1.   Review and explore the Study Abroad Office website.  The clickable map will show you program options around the world.

2.    Register an online account with the Study Abroad Office for communications with a Study Abroad Advisor and keeping track of your Study Abroad Applications.

3.   Ask your Study Abroad Advisor questions online from your online Study Abroad Account, about choosing an appropriate program and about AAMU policies and procedures for Study Abroad.

4.   Schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor to review courses you might take during a Study Abroad program.  Use the Course Approval Form to get courses approved.

5.   Login to your Study Abroad account, and "Apply" online for the program you find most relevant for your academic goals and appropriate to your personal characteristics.

6.   Follow all application and enrollment procedures of the program sponsor.

7.   Review your Online Study Abroad Account frequently to update your Application and/or Enrollment status.

8.   Participate in mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation meeting.

The policies and procedures for Study Abroad at AAMU are as follows:

1.   Students must plan ahead, and get advice before Studying Abroad.  Study Abroad will not be effective if a student does not spend adequate time preparing for an international experience.  Thus, AAMU holds strictly to application deadlines, and does not encourage students to participate in Study Abroad as a “last minute” decision.

2.   AAMU requires that any transfer credit for matriculating students (students enrolled at AAMU), must be pre-approved.  Thus, whether taking a summer course at a community college or another university, or participating in Study Abroad. AAMU students must follow pre-approval of transfer credit policies and procedures.  Students who attempt to transfer credit from another institution “after-the-fact” will likely not be eligible for transfer credit.

3.   AAMU students who obtain pre-approval of transfer credit for Study Abroad are eligible to apply for financial aid at AAMU.  Students currently utilizing financial aid to attend AAMU will likely be eligible to use that (and more) financial aid for the cost of Study Abroad.  If the cost of participation of a Study Abroad program is estimated to be more expensive than your current costs of participation at AAMU, many students are eligible to receive higher amounts of federal financial aid to supplement the increased cost of education while Studying Abroad.  Students who are not currently eligible for federal financial aid may find that they are eligible for aid if the Study Abroad program is estimated higher than the cost of enrollment at AAMU.

4.     Students participating in a pre-approved Study Abroad program will maintain student status at AAMU while on Study Abroad and will be responsible for adherence to academic and conduct policies at AAMU and the policies of the program sponsor, host institution, and host country.

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