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API in Paris, France and Florence, Italy: Luxury Design Management in Paris and Florence API Summer 2024 France Paris Apply >
API Summer Film and Fashion in Cannes API Summer 2024 France Cannes Apply >
API in Reykjavik, Iceland: Reykjavik University, Summer STEM and Sustainability in Iceland API Summer 2024 Iceland Reykjavik Apply >
API Summer British Studies at Kingston University London API Summer 2024 United Kingdom London Apply >
API Summer Global Studies and Spanish in Bilbao API Summer 2024 Spain Bilbao Apply >
API in London, England: Full Summer Curriculum at Richmond American University API Summer 2024 United Kingdom London Apply >
API Multidisciplinary Studies and Japanese Culture at Lakeland University Japan API Summer 2024 Japan Tokyo Apply >
API Internship in Bilbao API Summer 2024 Spain Bilbao Apply >
API in Shanghai, China: East China Normal University, Semester Chinese Language Studies in Shanghai API Spring 2024 China Shanghai Apply >
API: American University of Sharjah, Full Curriculum at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirate API Spring 2024 United Arab Emirates Sharjah Apply >
API in Stirling, Scotland: Full Semester Curriculum in Stirling API Spring 2024 United Kingdom Stirling Apply >
API in Sydney, Australia: Full Curriculum at Macquarie University in Sydney API Spring 2024 Australia Sydney Apply >
API Full Curriculum at UNSW in Sydney (Please see website for early start dates) API Spring 2024 Australia Sydney Apply >
API in Thimphu, Bhutan: Royal Thimphu College International Business, Environmental Studies, and Social Sciences in Bhutan API Spring 2024 Bhutan Thimphu Apply >
API in Tuscania, Italy: Semester Arts and Humanities, and Italian Language and Culture in Tuscania API Spring 2024 Italy Tuscania Apply >

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